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Half & Half Ice Tea Lemonade

New product

Say goodbye to the plain old combination of lemon and lime drinks. AriZona now squeezes in another element – delicious, refreshing iced tea as part of the latest exciting round of Half & Half lemonade drinks. With the addition of the premium brewed black tea, the taste is not too tart and not too sweet nor is it overly tea…it’s just right. You’ll feel like it’s summer all year round! On top of good taste, it’s made with no chemical preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors.

Contents: 500ml/per bottle

Pack Contents: 6 bottles of AriZona Half & Half Ice Tea Lemonade

£ 9.95

- +

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size:100ml

Energy:102 kJ/24 kcal




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