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Green Tea Honey

New product

This award-winning package has been a hit since it’s introduction in 1996. Enjoy America’s #1 best selling green tea! While green tea has long been known for its health benefits, our green tea also tastes great. Enjoy this tea made with 100% natural tea, ginseng, and America’s favorite Sue Bee ® Premium Orange Honey.

Contents: 500 ml/per bottle

Pack Contents: 6 bottles of AriZona Green Tea

£ 9.95

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Nutritional Facts

Serving Size:240ml


Calories from fat:0

Total Fat:0 g

Saturated Fat:0 g

Trans Fat:0 g

Salt:0 mg

Cholesterol:0 g

Sodium:10 mg

Total Carbohydrate:17 g

Dietary Fiber:0 g

Sugar:16 g

Protein:0 g

Vitamin A:0%

Vitamin C:25%



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